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Lagu Sounds From The Corner : Live #20 Jamrud Mp3

Lagu Sounds From The Corner : Live #20 Jamrud Mp3
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Download Lagu Sounds From The Corner : Live #20 Jamrud Mp3
“Malam minggu ku jemput, rok minimu menyambut” - Telat 3 Bulan

We have to agree that it is almost impossible for a rock band to be as versatile as Jamrud. Let alone Ex-President SBY did a remake of “Pelangi di Matamu”, the overall landscape of Jamrud music is already bizarre. Just to give context, here are five songs from them that I would love to elaborate.

1. “Ningrat” is a song about strict in-laws, structured as a rock song with potent Javanese nuance, protruding Gamelan part dominating the song.

2. “Asal British” is a double pedal-powered hard-rock song about a bloke who is being cynical to his GF because she’s super western oriented, consists of a part when Krisyanto mumbling trying to sound like a Bule, followed by a part when he shouts “Yo, yo, yo” for 8 bars.

3. “Dokter Suster” tells a story of a guy who went for a jog and attacked by a dog and then developed a love-hate- revenge relationship with the dog (Seluruh badan memang sakit tapi hati yang paling sakit, wohoo!), written with a glimpse of Ska part throughout the song.

4. “Putri” starts with a touch of Grunge, followed by a groovy heavy metal riffs, written as an homage to naughty-bitchy teenagers who like to play dirty (Wiraswasta tubuh atau menikmati sendiri).

5. And finally “Siksik sibatumanikam” starts with a disco beat, and literally a mix of a Tapanuli Folk song, Blur’s Song2, 16 bars of horn section and a handful part of guitar typing. Oh my God.

When you really think that these songs are coming from the same band, a band that actually became Log Zhelebour’s baby and hit two platinums during their peak, still managed to dress like proper rocker with black tees and not losing their cool at all, you will realize that 1) Azis MS is truly a genius and 2) Jamrud is so damn cool.

Jamrud is probably, the most original Rock band in Indonesia. When most bands were singing about the same shit, Jamrud decided to take the extreme (at that time) to sing about (mainly) sex, packaged in a really playful and cheeky way. In the 90s no one knew that formula worked perfectly to attract people who wanted to digest rock.

Jamrud’s songwriting touches various delicate and cultural points of being Indonesian and the fact that they could bridge sensitive content with fun and casual packaging is totally spot on. Surti Tejo is a solid prove of their take on a specific social phenomenon, aiming precise market segmentation - tier 2 cities, B - C SES audience. NO ONE could write a song like Surti Tejo and received exposure that big. Jamrud didn’t care about the image that they created from the songs, because they frankly didn’t give a F (or did they? hard to figure).

So here it is, an Indonesian Rock band with integrity, consistency and creativity. Jamrud deserved so much more spotlight compared to other lame rock bands. If you are a music promoter or event organizer, please invite them to play in your gig. We need more Jamrud in our lives! Sounds From The Corner presents: Jamrud. Enjoy! - Teguh Wicaksono

ps - 32:45 the band presented the song "Selamat Ulang Tahun" for our friend Dimas Ario lol

00:00-05:38 Berakit-rakit
05:39-09:24 Naksir Abis
09:25-14:14 Ayam
14:15-19:45 Ningrat
19:46-23:59 Kabari Aku
24:00-28:26 Telat 3 Bulan
28:27-32:29 Surti Tejo
32:30-35:35 Selamat Ulang Tahun
35:36-40:24 Putri
40:25-46:32 Waktuku Mandi
46:33-49:54 Hallo Penjahat

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